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DILI Square edge tile trim are typically used with carpet, carpet tile, wood and wood laminate at the junction with other flooring materials such as other carpets, ceramics and wood. Aluminum square edge trims provide a neat finish to floorcoverings, protecting the edges from damage and also hiding any slight imperfections in joints or cuts.

This is a square edge worktop corner trim for joining laminate or wooden floors to fixtures such as hearths, patio doors, sliding doors etc. The box section profile is ideal as a capping edge, finish to open plan or as edging to access panels or as edging to ceramic floors. This square edge floor trim is very simple to fix and provides a neat finishing edge in awkward situations and is availed for 7-15mm flooring heights.

Square Edge Trim is designed to cover rough surfaces and provide a decorative look safely and easily. Made of a durable PVC material, plastic trim edging is ideal for outdoor or automobile use. Cover anything from sharp edges and sheet metal to plywood and other materials.

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