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Threshold & Transition Profile

Threshold & Transition Profile

Threshold & Transition Profile's range of threshold and transition profiles provides an extensive portfolio of commercial and DIY products offering performance, function and aesthetics. The transition profiles through colour, design and material will compliment all floor coverings. 

We’ve got options for covering a tile-to-carpet transition between rooms and T-moulding for bridging two floors of the same type or of equal thickness on either side of a doorway. For other doorway applications or where floors have different heights, floor threshold can close that transition.

Aluminium Door Threshold Transition Strips For 0-12mm Difference In Floor Levels. These aluminum door threshold transition strips are edging and junction profiles which form a smooth surface where no securing screws are visible.

Choose aluminum plates, carpet separators, elevators, floor plates/safety treads, and a wide range of commercial door threshold options including Eco-V, heavy duty and thermal barrier thresholds.