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Round Edge Tile Trim

Round Edge Tile Trim

A unique and cost effective alternative to expensive bull nose and/or tile trim pieces. A great way to finish and soften tile edges on wall applications. 

Round edge tile trims are a great addition to finish any tiling project domestic or commercial, perfect for rounding off sharp & exposed edges. Multiple brands are available such as Atrim, Schluter & Progress Profiles, as well as a range of different colours, lengths and depths.

The rounded profile is also ideal for tiled wall corners. Manufactured from premium rigid PVC, this profile features the integrated Straight Edge Grout Line which makes installation faster and eliminates the need for spacers between the trim and the tile.

The gentle curve and gloss finish of the DILI chrome 3/8" round edge trim provides elegant protection for delicate tile edges and external corners. This shiny chrome DILI PVC edge trim offers a sleek, clean tile trim for the edges and corners of your kitchen, bathroom and walls.