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Bullnose Stair Step Nosing Profile

Bullnose Stair Step Nosing Profile

Bullnose Stair Step Nosing Profile

Oct 12,2022

Stair leading edges may already be considered an important part of stairs in properties, but they can also add a splash of color to a home. By adding bullnose stair nosing to your home, you'll bring a new, aesthetically pleasing touch to your stairs while ensuring they're safer than ever for you to walk on.


Stair Nosing Edge Trims

Stair leading edge trims are used to cover or trim stair treads. Stair nosing edge trims are used to provide stability and protect stairs from damage and are commonly found on solid wood stairs or laminate floors. Installing stair nosing edge trims and stair nosing non slip also enhances the appearance of the stairs and adds visual appeal.


Bullnose Stair Step Nosing Profiles

stair nosing outdoor stair nosing bullnose

A stair nosing bullnose resembles the shape of a bull's nose and provides a rounded vertical edge. For this reason, bullnose stair step nosing profile is used on wood floors or wood stairs, which allows it to curve around the front edge of the stairs, resulting in a smooth profile and a tight-fitting protective finish that won't move or slip when you try to walk on the stairs.

Brand Name FONFAN
Tile Accessory Type Aluminum bullnose stair nosing
Material Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy
Product name HHJ-40
Width 53 mm
Length 0.9m/2.7m/Customized
Punching Hole Shape N/A
Surface treatment Wood grain, Brushed, Oxidation, Powder Coating, Electrophoresis
Application Residential or Commercial Building (Hotel, Villa, Office Building)
Design Style Modern, Traditional
Place of Origin Foshan, Guangdong, China
OEM/ODM Professional
Port Guangzhou, Foshan , Shenzhen
Lead time 30 working days after received the deposit.


What Colors and Finishes Are Available for Bullnose Stair Nosing?

stair nosing grey

Pattern, size, and color could be customized according to your requirements. Aluminum bullnose stair nosing comes with replaceable PVC anti-slip inlays in Black, Brown, Beige, Red, and Grey colors.

Different surface treatments such as wood grain, brushing, oxidation, powder coating, electrophoresis, etc. are supported.

The design you decide on usually depends on the color of the staircase and your own personal taste. It’s important for you to choose a finish that complements the design of the staircase as it stands if you want to make the most of its potential as decoration as well as use it for protecting the edge of your stairs.