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Find the Right Stair Nosing Edges for Your Interior

Find the Right Stair Nosing Edges for Your Interior

Find the Right Stair Nosing Edges for Your Interior

Nov 04,2022

The stair nosing edge of a staircase is an aesthetically pleasing and safe choice, referring to the edge of the stair treads where we typically place our feet when walking up and down the stairs.

In addition to providing some additional walking space on each stair surface, a well-chosen stair nosing edge trim can help protect the surface from overall wear and tear. Proper leading edges can also help improve the visibility of each tread, thus increasing overall safety when using the stairs.

Each type of stair nosing edge offers a unique style, and there are many stair nosing trims to choose from when designing a space with stairs.

aluminium anti slip stair nosing


How to Choose the Right Stair Nosing Edge?

Safety step edges for stairs are usually made of aluminum carriers fixed to the edge of the step, and they can be used with carpet, tile, or something suitable for direct use without floor coverings.


What Material Do You Need for the Stair Nosing Edge?

Stair nosing external and interior can be made of different materials, common materials of stair nosing are stair nosing aluminum, stair nosing rubber, stair nosing brass, and stair nosing wood.

Knowing the properties of different materials will help you determine the best material type and finish for you. For example, a staircase in a luxury hotel lobby may require the use of brass or bronze stair noses.


Make a Choice with Your Stair Shape

While most steps are at right angles, there are some that curve or slope at the front. You need to choose a stair nosing trim that is as close to the shape of the step as possible. This will help ensure a tight fit to your stair cornice, resulting in a safer and more efficient installation.


Identify Stair Nosing of Different Shapes and Sizes

Not only are stair nosing available in a variety of materials, but they are also produced in many different shapes and sizes, such as square, semi-circular, full-circle, no overhang, etc.


Anti Slip Stair Nosing

Anti-slip inserts are installed on the nose to create a non-slip environment, and of course, the distinction between standard internal and suitable external use of anti-slip strips cannot be ignored.

As you know, choosing the perfect stair nostril is much more than it seems. In addition to the points mentioned above, it is also essential to consider the flow of people throughout the building before deciding on the stair nosing edge.