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How to Choose Right Tile Trims?

How to Choose Right Tile Trims?

How to Choose Right Tile Trims?

Dec 23,2021

As the last article indicated, the tile trim is a perfect and aesthetic product that could protect the exposed tile edges. It not only remain the consistency of house design but also covers the sharp edges ti protect family members.

But how do I choose the right tiles for my house or project? Today, follow me and understand the methods of choosing the right tile trims.

Choose the Right Shape

To choose the right tile trims or tile edge trim, the first thing you should pay attention to is the shape of the tile trims. A variety shape of tile trims is available for different applications. Therefore, you need to clearly know where you plan to install the tile.

Generally speaking, L-Shape, R-Shape, and Q-Shape can be applied to the walls. L-Shape, Q-Shape, U-Shape, T-Shape floor profile are the best choice for the floor. As for the counters, R-Shape, L-Shape, Q-Shape, and RS-Shape are the ideal tile trim for the counters.

Choose the Right Size

Okay, the first problem was solved. It is time to consider the tile trim size. The depth of trim should match the depth of the tile. Choosing the tile trim whose depth is larger than the depth of tile is a common mistake.

For an instance, straight edge tile trim with 10 depth obviously does not match with 6mm depth porcelain tiles.

The tile trim that is flush with the tile could create a harmonious look for you. By the way, you also need to notice that the adhesive on the back of the tiles may thickness in the depth of the tiles.

Therefore, choosing a trim that is slightly higher than the tiles is always a wise choice, if you are not sure.

Choose the Right Color

The first two important factors have been settled. The color is the third aspect you need to take into account. It is because color plays a vital role in presenting the style of your design.

From the perspective of art, the color of aluminium tile trim is the same as the tiles could make the whole design harmonious and keep the consistency of the design.

Generally speaking, the gold tile trim can add an element of elegance to your design. Grey tile trims are a great decoration for concise style. The black tile edge trim is a favorite for house designers, which is versatile for different styles of houses.

If you want to get an impressive design for your project, you also could take references to the actual constructing project to decide the color of the tile trim.


The tile trims both hold the aesthetic and function. The tiles not only provide a perfect, smooth, and unique floor or wall surface but also eliminate the potential hazard. When you are choosing the tile trim, you could consult your tile trim manufacturers to get the proper and excellent tile edge trim, tile corner trim.